Abundance 1 ©
Abundance 2 ©


Exclusive twin paintings


Won the 1st Honorary Gold price of the Exhibition

- Art Show Paris -

Mixed techniques

Oil on canvas

WallAbundance ©
Abundance 1 ©

Abundance I


Abundance is about accepting what life has to offer. This first piece is represented with light traits and its techniques are a combination of 38 years of painting experience. The wish of the artist was to create a powerful representation of the Active energy, such as warmth, rays, motion, action, birth, manifestation, realization, fulfillment.

Abundance 2 ©

Abundance II


 You will notice the extraordinary work with the same techniques, to give birth to another piece, twin of the first. The artist desired to combine another representation of the strength of his traits, with a Passive energy, which represents our ability to temper our emotions and how we deal with them. These two paintings were created together, to be gathered as one for its owner.

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